Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ADHD strikes again

It's 2am and I can't sleep.  Could it be because I'm in a mildly manic phase?  Maybe.  I think it's more likely to do with having forgotten to take my prozac in the morning, so I took it at night.

Not good.

I know that it's not good.  Prozac has a tendency to make you more awake.  This can be good in the morning.  Like coffee (which I don't drink) but not nearly as strong (dangit!).

Why did I forget to take my meds if they are so important?  The same reason I forget to put my purse where it belongs.  The same reason I randomly put things down and am not aware that I even did put it down.  The same reason I am late for almost everything.  I have ADHD.  I forget things.

I know, everyone does this.  The simplest way I have of describing this goes something like this.  You know how sometimes you get to the top of the stairs and you forget why you came upstairs in the first place?  Of course you know what that's like!  Everyone does that at some point.

Now, imagine you forget every (or nearly every) time you go up the stairs.  And worse, when you come back downstairs you don't remember what you went up for you start something entirely new.

In the meantime the baby still doesn't have a clean diaper or shirt.  But he's playing happily with the cereal he pilfered out of the pantry and is blessedly quiet.  So much so that he is easily forgettable, and you can go start the laundry.  Which you meant to do, but forgot because you wanted to check your email.  Some point later the baby will come near you again.  He still smells bad, and now has mashed up cereal in his hair as well.

Yup.  That's what my life is like.  EVERY STINKIN' DAY.

I once read a cute thing going around facebook saying that moms have child activated ADD.
That may be true.  But it may be more true that the mom in the story has ADD/ADHD and is trying to keep up with demands of caring for little ones, but is distracted in EVERY attempt.   It describes my day very, very well. 
Despite that I still think it very funny, so I'm posting a link with the cool story.  Enjoy.

It's now 3am.  I've been through 3 dozen websites to find that story, and I'm finally tired.  Good night.  :D

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